Beautitionary is an award-winning, 100% Natural, vegan & Leaping-Bunny certified (cruelty-free) skin care company committed to creating luxury high quality products from locally sourced ingredients that are free of toxic chemicals.

Every product is guaranteed to have no artificial colors & synthetic fragrances, also no chemical preservatives are added because they believe that great skin is possible with eco-friendly and natural ingredients, free of alcohol or Paraben.

The beauty and wellness industry generates over 120 billion packages each year, and only a fraction gets recycled! That’s why Beautitionary started as a sustainable brand that offers a refillable program, compostable and recyclable packaging, and proudly made its nourishing, natural products in less/no-plastic packaging.

Beautitionary was established by a couple of beauty specialists(Maryama) & a professional formulator (Reza), who immigrated to Canada in 2019. Their aim was to create a clean and sustainable beauty business that wouldn’t harm people’s skin or the environment. Their lifelong dream came true when they co-founded Beautitionary, a vegan beauty dictionary for all things related to beauty in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia.

Beautitionary Founders

At Beautitionary, we take pride in offering a 15-minute free consultation before every purchase. We also provide customers with a unique product formulated and customized according to their specific needs and concerns that cannot be addressed by other brands.

Beautitionary is the world’s first fully customizable skin care brand that allows you to create Cleanser, Serum, Moisturizer or Body care products based on your individual skin type, skin goals without any chemical, alcohol or chemical preservatives!

Experience the beauty of natural skincare with Beautitionary and join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

Make your own product(s) today with us and enjoy the result!